Vaginal Dilation

This section of The Happy V is specifically for people who have had to use vaginal dilators. Vaginal dilators are both wondrous and horrible things. For those of us who have used them, for whatever reason, you may have a complex relationship with these innocent looking little plastic cylinders.

Vaginal dilators are used for a variety of reasons including to stretch the vagina, post surgery to assist in creating a neovagina, to help overcome sexual pain, and as part of the recovery process following treatment for gynaecological cancers.

Please note that the aim on this site is not to provide medical advice but rather to provide a source of information already available online mixed with the personal experiences of those who have undertaken this process. I hope it is useful.

Types of Dilators

There are many different dilators on the market but finding them can be difficult. 

Guides for Dilating

This section provides links to helpful guides produced be medical professionals as well as tips based on personal experiences.