Types of Dilators

Fortunately, there are more and more vaginal dilators on the market. Remember to always consult a medical professional and follow their advice on what will work best for you and your body.  I have tried a few different dilators over the years for a couple of reasons, firstly, I wasn't particularly happy with the glass one I was originally given by my doctor and secondly, I was burgled a couple of years ago and they stole my whole bedside table draw which was full of dilators! Below are a few dilators currently on the market which you may find useful. 


Femmax Vaginal Dilators

This set of dilators includes 4 different sizes. When you are not using these they sit inside of each other like babushka dolls and fit nicely inside a case which is great for storage and traveling! Check out their website which includes instructional videos here


Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilators

These dilators are the standard hard plastic which individually screw into one handle. More information can be found at the manufacturers website here


Soul Source

Soul Source produce a variety of dilators made out of different materials and for different purposes. Unlike some of the other dilators, the silicone dilators do not have handles and are not as rigid. More information can be found here.


Pure Romance Vaginal Dilator Set

This dilator set includes six tapered silicone vaginal dilators.  More information can be found here.




Always remember to use lube with your dilator! More information about lube can be found here.


Sex toys are sometimes recommended by healthcare professionals to assist with the dilation process to make it 'fun'.  You may find this approach useful to break the monotony of using dilators but remember it is important to find the right toy. For example, getting a big vibrator is probably not going to be much good for you or your vagina! Make sure you get something that is right for you. Maybe something small to begin with and then graduate to larger sizes. 

You may also consider getting something like a clitoral stimulator which has nothing to do with the vagina but is focused on clitoral and vulva pleasure just as a reminder that sex doesn't always have to be linked to dilation. More information about sex toys can be found here.