Welcome to the Happy V

The Happy V is a place which explores sex and sexuality in a unique way. What does the V stand for? Well vagina and vulva of course. And the happy bit? Happiness is a state of mind, no matter how you were born everyone can have a happy and fulfilling sense of sexual wellbeing. Thus, The Happy V.

There are countless websites, blogs and forums which discuss sex in every way imaginable out there but we have never felt that these were relevant to our personal experience.

Who are The Happy V? The Happy V is Kristy and Ally. You see we have a congenital condition called MRKH which could be described as ‘everything in my pelvis being a little bit dodgy’. This can mean different things to different women but essentially, we were born without a vagina, cervix or a uterus which has made life (and sexual experience)…unique to say the least.

Our personal experience led to us to ask the question: How do you develop a healthy and happy sex life and individual sexual identity when your sex organs have been diagnosed as abnormal, dysfunctional and completely medicalised? In an attempt to answer this question, we have each taken different paths of self discovery. From taking time out of ‘normal’ life and going back to University to undertake postgraduate study in sexology to bringing women together to tell their stories and support each others unique and powerful experiences. The Happy V has been the result.

Through this site we hope to provide useful, evidence based information combined with personal stories to help other women. 

Disclaimer: We decided to create this site to include all the information we wish someone had of told us over the course of our lives, so it’s a mix of facts and  personal experiences. We are not nurses, doctors or any kind of healthcare professionals so remember to always consult medical professionals with health concerns.